Social Media Marketing for Business – The Right Way

Are you interested in incorporating social media marketing into your business? Are you aware of the different advantages it holds? What are some of the most common social media outlets? How can you best take advantage of it to gain visibility to your website and increase profit?

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The COVID pandemic has almost upended entire economies and businesses all over the world. In the past, it was much easier to market products and services to targeted audiences, mostly because people could do an on-site shop. Think about that look you gave to a big poster in the shopping mall, remember? However, with the social distancing these days, almost everything has become 100% online. Telemarketing campaign profits are sky-rocketing, feeding by companies who still can afford to do so. Have you seen a completely “surprising” ad through your Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube feed? Do you know the concepts of “bid-strategy” and “budget-adjusted” campaigns?


Look at the image above. For the “bid-strategy,” the more one person pays, the greater the robot’s chances to go and display the desired content. What happens with the rest who spent to show their content as well? Let’s say they just fell within the “budget-adjusted” threshold and now have to wait for another chance to take the robot’s hand. That would pretty much cover it. But what a small business can do to gain visibility in such a rough scenario?

Make your brain work for you

Consider a restaurant in the UK that wants to expand its business in the Chinese food industry. Because most Chinese people use Facebook to communicate, it might seem like a great idea to post a notice on this platform. However, because so many other people are already doing the same, the chances of getting a response are slim to none. A better option would be to post a notice on a Chinese restaurant’s Facebook page. This way, when someone does reply, it will be to a page with which they already associate. This is one of the advantages of social media marketing. Use this tool to create brand awareness, and you are gaining a large customer base that will be willing to give you their email address in return for more information. And the best part, you did not have to spend considerable amounts of money to reach beyond your geographic zone. Interesting huh?


Look, the better things in life are the ones that come naturally. And by saying this, I mean building relationships. How you decide to grow your business is up to you, but think twice before spending too much money on reaching out to a target audience without trying natural ways at first. This is also called “organic” growth.

Of course, big marketing companies will probably disagree with organic growth, pitching it as slow, not to mention bad for their business. But think what would happen if the only source of revenue your company has, comes from paid advertising? Cut back on your ad pay machine, and you’ll most likely see how your customers abandon your business. This doesn’t mean that paid advertising is always a bad thing for your business. Sometimes it is advisable when you want to speed things up a bit. Let’s say advancing a humanitarian message to an entire nation, promoting a tech device that can save lives in case of disaster, etc. Ultimately, you’ll be the only one to assess whether or not it is appropriate. recommends reading: “The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand Out From The Crowd,” by Allan Dib:

The author is one of the leading voices in content marketing nowadays. Perhaps it has a little bit of a show in considering ad costs as an investment, which I beg to differ. But, definitely, a must-read material in today’s economic landscape.

Make the tech giants work for you

Probably by now, you have pretty much made your acquaintance with your Instagram, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and Linkedin personal profiles. But, did you know they all have Business profile options that you can enable for your business at no additional cost?

Facebook for Business, Google my Business, Linkedin Business Page, and Pinterest Business. Check them out, and make sure to exploit all of their advantages to support your social media marketing strategy. They desperately want your content and are willing to pay good money for it. Just be sure to break up this content fairly enough, leaving your website as the mothership. Follow this strategy, and you will not just improve ROI but also increase your business website’s visibility and traffic. recommends reading: “Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step StoryBrand Guide for Any Business,” by Donald Miller:

A classic and best-seller. Give yourself a ride into the fascinating world of Search Engine Optimization and keywords research. If you want to learn how to market your business in the good old-fashion way, please give this book a chance. It saved our business tons of time and money.

The topics mentioned in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. But definitely, a beautiful iceberg to break down in pieces if done correctly. As always, do your research. Study each subject further and seek an expert hand to expand your knowledge around this captivating world. Once you have a clear goal in mind, the rest comes with hard work. Just remember to have fun and keep learning! recommends watching: “The Social Dilemma,” a documentary by Netflix:

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