Is Self-Education Gaining Momentum?

Is self-education gaining momentum? Over the past decade, Internet technologies have allowed many individuals the opportunity to become better educated at their own pace. Previously, it was necessary for one to physically travel to a traditional college or university setting to learn new skills and concepts. Thanks to the rise of the online academy and other technologies designed to make learning more accessible to the global marketplace, individuals can now study at their own pace and from the convenience of their own homes.

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One of the advantages of an online academy is that it can be used by virtually anyone regardless of age, location, or education level. The courses offered are often designed to be fun and interactive. Students often report engaging and enjoyable learning experiences that leave them eager to pursue further studies after completing the coursework. They can also select whether or not to participate in additional online research or courses. This ability to opt out of lessons that do not further the student’s objectives allows them to learn at their own pace and effectively absorb and apply what they have learned.

Better than traditional coursework?


Some professionals argue that traditional college or university training can better understand and apply complex concepts. For example, an individual who enrolls in an online master’s degree course may have difficulty grasping the concepts that underlie engineering principles. However, a distance learner who works towards his or her master’s degree in computer networking can often better understand how the same technology and concepts function within a corporate office environment.

Is self-education less effective than traditional courses? In many cases, no. It is important to remember that traditional classroom courses require a student to follow a prescribed learning schedule. There are often strict guidelines about the number of class semesters a student must attend and when he or she must seek leave from a classroom session. Those schedules are often hard to keep because it is common to have sudden and unexpected interruptions or commitments. The schedule required by an online academy is much easier to keep track of.

What are the benefits of self-education?

There are many. For one, an individual can learn at his or her own pace. An online academy allows students to complete coursework at their own speed. That means that if a student finds that his life demands a little more personal attention, he or she may choose to take additional classes that give him or her opportunities to engage with his or her instructor on more intimate terms.

Is it expensive?

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Typically, online colleges are significantly less costly than their traditional counterparts. Most online colleges offer scholarships, financial aid, mentoring programs, and other kinds of assistance to those who wish to further their education without paying for it all out-of-pocket. In addition, students who do not live near the college campus and who live in areas that are less likely to receive adequate school resources also find that online courses are far more affordable than traditional ones.

What about the learning process itself?

How does an online academy differ from, for instance, an actual brick-and-mortar university? Most online academies utilize a hybrid online learning process that combines lecture-and-discussion activities with video and audio lectures and tutorials. However, the online academy still allows students to meet their instructors and interact via email, discussion boards, forum boards, and webcam conversations. In other words, although the lectures are delivered electronically, the online academy maintains the physical presence of a traditional college campus.

Is self-education a good fit for me?

If you seek a new career direction or are interested in enhancing your current skill set through an accelerated learning experience, there are several online learning options available to you today. Whether you are looking for an accelerated degree, shorter programs, or an executive MBA, then there may be a perfect program for you online. Take, for example, a closer look at and start your online journey with self-education!

So, is self-education gaining momentum? The short answer is “yes.”

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