The Technology Challenge of Working From Home

Working from home has become the “new normal.” I don’t even exactly remember when was the last time I went to an office. It requires time to get accustomed to this routine, but you will realize it is in some ways better once you get used to it. Tech tools have undoubtedly played an important role, not to say vital. Yet, many options out there. How to choose?

Making you feel productive and comfortable at the same time is tricky. What works for me may not for you. But during my years of experience working with technology (and some crisis of lower back pain), I have a bit of a grasp of which device could better follow common sense. So I hope these recommendations can make an impact on your work performance.

How to choose

When you are scouting which gadget to buy, the first variable that should come to your mind is budget. Don’t just think about the laptop, but a little further. Think also, what else do I need in terms of comfort. Yes, you read that right: comfort! Imagine how many hours you will spend day after day to start realizing the significant reality. Will my body feel OK? What are my current limitations? Etc.

Before starting, a confession: I am not an Apple fan. Here is when I take my armor and sword and say sorry? Well, not actually. See, even though Apple has excellent products out there, I am not a guy who is willing to spend more than necessary for a tech gadget. So, I’d always go for the following simple-quality-price approach. Yes. It is proven Apple-tech lasts longer than the rest of the tech devices out there. But if you want to live out of debt, it is better to go with a more frugal approach and be prepared to spend the same amount in 6 years. Yes, that’s the news. Planned obsolescence is here to stay, but that’s why I’m here to guide and keep you up-to-date on the best opportunities following this simple-quality-price approach.

I know it could feel a little arrogant to pinpoint and recommend specifics devices and gadgets. Therefore, it is fair to clarify that the following recommendation list is based on 10+ years of experience and just the current set I use to working from home, hoping it can help you save hours of research and money and hopefully any discomfort.

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The laptop

Recently, laptop prices have come up to the roof. Barely not a year ago, before the pandemic hit, I remember finding lower prices for the same set of features. It is not a secret, the pandemic has interfered a lot with the supply chain, and just last month, I had to change my laptop. So, what do you do? My answer: go for the basics that will work for any job. Think about what a software developer to a designer or an office person would use to fit all those roles simultaneously. Why? Because you never know what person you will be the next month. Yes, you read that right. Job roles are constantly changing, so please, bear with me and consider this detail now more than ever.

A laptop is a bare necessity when you have to handle documents, attend an online meeting, and making presentations. The most you require from a computer is good RAM, excellent storage, and of course, smart features with a decent quick processor. So, after some hours of research, the DELL brand was my winner, specifically the Inspiron 3593 Series:

The explanation: (1) Before coming to the USA, I lived in sweltering weather. Over years of observation, I could notice how INTEL processors were more robust than their friendly rival AMD ones. I also could see how this applies to graphic card processors as well. So do yourself a favor in terms of thinking twice to purchase anything that reads AMD on it and is living in an ice-cold or extreme-hot place on Earth. (2) – From the processing power perspective, I find it just right for the wide range of professions out there. If I am not a content writer in a few months and decided to pursue a career in the software development world, I can say this is just fine. (3 and final) My budget was up to $650, so I decided not to squeeze it to the end of it and leave some margin for future enhancements, like adding more RAM if needed in the future.

The tablet

Some people think if you have a laptop, then a tablet is of no use. But when you work from home, you might not always have time to sit and open a laptop for work. Also, because sitting all day is terrible for your health. And you might want to consider switching here if you are in the middle of just reading and not typing at the time. It also helps you send faxes and printing. Maybe you go on a business trip, although I don’t think these days; Nah, just joking. Anyways, you can handle all of that through your tablet. After hours of research and analysis, I discovered this wondrous device: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e-128 GB. Come on!

The explanation: The most superior-tech gadgets out there are the ones that were expensive around 2-3 years ago, and now because of the vicinity of their latest offspring’s, the same device with the “New” tag in it just got a lot cheaper! Take a look at the reviews on Google about this tablet, watch some YouTube and Best Buy’s customers’ reviews, and we can discuss further. But for now, this was my approach for picking this little one.

Tablet tempered glass

When using a tablet, there is always the risk it might slip from your hands. Also, the broken screen might cost you too much to replace. So, it is better to protect it with tempered glass. It also protects the screen from all kinds of scratches and scuffs.

The explanation: For this type of accessory, I often go for Amazon’s Choice tag in it, so that’s it!

Tablet case

For better protection of your tablet, it is better to buy a tablet cover. Buy one with a stand at the back so you can place it on a shelf or desk:

The explanation: For this type of accessory, I often go for Amazon’s Choice tag in it, so that’s it!

Standing desk

Now when we are talking about the desk, please buy one portable for you. They come in all sizes, and you can use them to put your laptop or tablet on them. At this moment, the Flexispot won the contest because of its awesome reviews. Also, this specific one has great size, not too large, and not too small. Check it out!

The explanation: I could recite a very long recovery from a lower back pain crisis after almost three years of my life and countless hours sitting while working under a tremendous amount of pressure and stress. Please, do yourself a big favor today and take care of your back. For those who have suffered it, you know what I mean. The standing desk will help to make a change before it happens! And to complement it, I’d add an anti-fatigue mat so you can stand on it. I could feel a big difference using this one:

Laptop bed tray table

Lazy and don’t want to come out of bed, but it an office day? There are laptop bed tray tables to save you from any such situation. They are stands you can put your laptop on and work from your bed. The NEARPOW brand was the clear finalist from my research list because of its outstanding features and positive reviews. This one is usually on discount during Cyber Monday sales. Yes, I followed the price using Honey (another tool I might talk about in the future), so I could get it cheaper 😉

The explanation: Even standing or sitting all day without moving is also bad for your body. If you want a change and cannot simply go out to walk while working, the bed tray table will be your best friend here to take care of your back. Take note some neck discomfort could appear depending on the amount of time you are in this position. Please remember to change every 20-30 minutes under a significant working-stress situation. After all, our body was designed to move, not to be straight like a statue all day.

Final thoughts

If you are not already familiar with technology, keep one thing in mind that not all expensive tech gadgets need to be fair to use. Know your desires and choose one that will best suit your needs and has an outstanding balance in price and quality.

Make your work from home worth the experience and a lot more comforting with the gadgets and accessories mentioned above. In addition, there is a very recent book worth reading by Karen Mangia named “Working From Home: Making the New Normal Work for You.” It touches on other relevant topics for further information:

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Happy working-from-home day!

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