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Thank you, and welcome to OnInitiative.com. For the past 10 years, I have committed to developing skills that could help others use valuable products and services. Being a software engineer has allowed me to see the world differently: the end-user way.

Visual design has been my obsession since day one, not only for creating delightful experiences for my clients but because it does feel good to see their happiness and gratitude. Although I cannot meet them in person these days as I used to do, I’d always find new pathways to communicate. I do so because I sense feedback as one of the best options to improve in life, don’t you agree?

Good and challenging times make us who we are. But more than anything else, it helps us to learn and move on. From writing books, magazine articles to my ultimate passion: innovative fashion and accessories, I am always trying new avenues to bring value and meaning to the people I get to know while also learning from them.

Writing, clothing, and accessories can share one thing in common: a message. So why not create a place where it is all combined? A place where we can read diverse content. From a healthy lifestyle to how technology and education can improve our lives, finances… and reflecting this message into clothing and accessories.

Please get to know more by exploring our Store and reading content from our Learning Center. Remind yourself of the true values you want to follow and others to see. Once again, thank you and welcome to OnInitiative.com.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.


Founder – OnInitiative.com

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November 28, 2023

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