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Human Quality of Life and Pets – Relation Explained

The relationship between animals and human goes long back to the Stone Age. Since then, pets have been a companion and source of emotional camaraderie to humans. In modern times, there has been constant research, and they conclude how pets can help humans psychologically, benefit their physical health, and improve the quality of life. The relation to how the human quality of life is affected by pets is explained in this blog.

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Physical health benefits

As startling as it may sound, but it has been proven by medical evidence that people who have pet animals are less likely to suffer from myocardial diseases. We find it helpful in lowering stress levels. It is not only with children but also with adults.

Though some people are worried that instead of being beneficial to physical health, they can trigger allergies, you can control allergies by taking proper care of pets. Usually, dogs and cats can be the potential cause; however, you can stop it by vaccinating them or by using pet foods that can lower such allergies:

Pets and medicine

Although we use animals as experiment testers in medicine, they can also contribute to human health without humans performing such questionable practices. Ripley has written many books narrating amazing unusual stories about animals and their contribution to treatment or improving the quality of life.

In one of her masterpieces, she writes about how a dog can detect cancer. The dog can smell and notice the body tissue, which has melanoma. They later used the dog in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer:

Emotional development

In this busy time, one does not have enough time to spend with kids. As much as you try, you feel like you lack somewhere in your child’s brought up. A pet can fulfill that missing part in them. It is found that pets can help kids indulge in more physical activities, making them more active.

It is good to raise their self-esteem. However, if you are concerned about your child being too cuddled up with the pet or if that specific pet odor disturbs you, you can use odor neutralizer sprays and disinfect your pet regularly with disinfecting wet wipes. They make all such products to make your life easier and better and improve your relationship with your pets:

Sense of companionship

A pet’s company is, for sure, the best. You can go out for walks, you can teach them different tricks and gestures, and how can I miss the point that pets give the best cuddles. We find that people who own pets are less likely to feel lonely, and they are happier than other bachelors who don’t own one. Though it is temporary, pets give you a genuine sense of companionship with their love and loyalty towards you.

Final thoughts

I never understood the saying that pets are a human’s best buddy until I owned one. I cannot emphasize more on how many pets’ interaction has improved human quality of life. There is a book by David Dosa, Making Rounds with Oscar. This book is about an extraordinarily gifted cat that has done deeds that left everyone amazed and how owning a pet changed his life:

If you are still not convinced how a pet and a human relationship improves the quality of life, you can check it for yourself by owning one!

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