3 Tips to Consider when Purchasing Yoga Mats

Presently, Yoga is one of the well-known work-out that helps keep a healthy physical fitness and enhance our psychological state. Several who suffer from depression or worry participate in yoga classes frequently to minimize the symptoms.

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For beginners, Yoga can be a powerful way to enhance their physical and psychological health simultaneously. The first thing to consider is purchasing a Yoga mat, as this would assist in carrying out the poses correctly. Preferably, a good Yoga mat should offer comfortability and also be slip-resistant. In addition, it should be lightweight and simple to roll so that one can convey the mat without any difficulty. Even though few Yoga facilities have yoga mats that anyone can use, these may already be worn out such that friction, and shock absorber is reduced.

No matter what yoga mat you finally picked, it should be done taking into consideration these 3 tips:

1- Material

The majority of the mats are made from jute, rubber, and even PVC. Inexpensive mats are commonly made of PVC materials, but they can be harmful. Still, some people buy these mats for the reason that it is less expensive. Nonetheless, for those who are serious about Yoga, purchasing one that is made of organic plants such as jute or rubber is ideal. It might be a bit more costly than one made out of PVC, but it’d usually more safe and durable. If anytime you decide to go for jute material, without doubt, you should consider this one:

2- Brand

all yoga mats are created equally. Depending on the type of Yoga being practiced, choosing brands that specialize in making the mats for that
particular Yoga type is essential. For those who are practicing hot Yoga, the Kulae brand is perfect as their mats are known for their high absorption rate and grip. On the other hand, a Prana mat is ideal for yogis who prefer larger mats as they have more space to move.

3- Comfortability

we should consider the thickness of the mats. Some mats are thin in that it doesn’t provide any comfort, especially if it has to do with keeping a pose that requires to stand with only one foot on the ground. Choosing a thicker or thinner mat also depends on the type of yoga practice that one is performing. A more densely yogi mat can help the ankles or knees of the Yogis but may hinder from exercising poses that need smooth and running motions. If you decide to go for an affordable and comfortable mat, the AmazonBasics brand has a lot to offer as well.

This yoga mat provides comfortable cushioning support and is made of lightweight, durable foam. I have personally used this mat for over a
year now, and all I can tell is how happy I am of using it every day:

So, this is pretty much it! But, these are just some of the things that one should consider when purchasing a yoga mat. And for a final tip, for beginners interested in buying one for the first time, don’t forget to test it out, especially while shopping from a yoga studio or a physical store!

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